The Simple Secret to Boundless Improvement, How to Implement It Into Your Life – The Growth Mindset

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  1. I found your post very enlightening in the sense that it opened my eyes to a new understanding of the variety of ways we experience life and learning.
    As an educator , mentor and grand mother I look forward to “chewing” on these ideas and using them to better understand myself and how I can better serve others.

  2. Hi Chris and welcome back!
    I was preparing for a work related assignment on what inspirations we have had in our lives and how we might relate that to business and leadership learning and I thought of you and Jenna’s world travel experiences. So I went to your site and to my surprise I found this new challenge. After reading through your new story I am even more excited to share this with my colleagues. I know I can tie “The Growth Mindset” in to our “Inspiring Leadership” theme for 2016.


  3. Chris, your analogies from your own life, ring very true to my own. Looking back at my life, I had the same results with my own short baseball career as you did, for the very same reasons. The success, or lack of , were a direct result of trying or not trying, and not learning. I have been around for about 7 centuries now, and if there is one thing I am sure of , is that you should never stop learning. I have made good choices and bad ones. You learn from both. Great job. You have grown to be a pretty impressive man. It is my honor to be able to call you my nephew. Keep learning!!

    1. Really appreciate the thoughtful comment Uncle Terry! It’s an incredibly simple lesson but hugely powerful – glad it resonated. Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks!

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