My Experience with the 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet

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  1. Chris,

    Interesting article. Many thanks for sharing. One question. I had understood that many of the benefits from fasting (autophagy, regeneration, anti cancer impact etc) were due to how it surpresses the mTOR pathway and lowers IGF-1 because of such low protein. I would have thought BCAA supplementation would negate these benefits? Do you have a view on this? Valter Longo doesn’t suggest BCAA presumably for this reason.

    1. Hi Merric – that’s a really interesting question and I’d be doing you a disservice if I tried to answer – in no way am I qualified 🙂 My 5-Day FMD was a hybrid of several different users’ experiences, one of which was a keto MD who added BCAA to limit muscle deterioration. Limiting the deterioration of my already-small muscles was my impetus behind my addition of the BCAAs – their relation to mTOR and IGF-1 frankly did not cross my mind…although now I wish it had!

      1. In the interview with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, he says that the mice in his study were losing muscle during the fast period, but they would regain it back-up in the period afterwards. So you probably shouldn’t worry too much about that aspect. I’ve also seen another method I wanted to try which basically included only 2 avocados a day and I think some greens multivitamin or something. You must not forget to take electrolytes (salt, magnesium, potassium) during this time otherwise you’ll have a bad time. B-complex vitamins probably help a lot too with the energy. It may be why you felt so rejuvenated after your greens.

        1. Tom – I’d be interested in hearing about the results of the 2X avocado method. In my notes for next time, I wanted to try to up the fat percentage, seems that this would do the trick.

    2. To surpress the mTOR pathway and lower IGF-1, not only low protein is needed, but also the avoidance of physical activity. In short the experience here has nothing to do with the research of Valter Longo since it is a low caloric diet of the same length, with the wrong ingredients and activity. Still it will increase Ketone activity due to the lack of caloric input, this is an experience as well.

  2. I’m starting day 3 of the fast-just avocado and green drink AM and PM. I’m a healthy eater normally but wanted to try this as I do juice cleanses a few times year. I feel like total crap! I workout 5 days a week and yesterday I barely made it through so today I’m taking off. My energy is extremely low…I’m going to try and stick with it! I’m mostly nauseous and weak. Did you have that experience at all?

  3. I am on my fourth day, did all my own soups, bought some comparable crackers, have olives, avocados. One thing I found is, I can’t stomach the avocado alone, so I substituted Almond butter 400g, figured there are my protein and fat. I also put some almond butter (slightly less than 1 T) into all my soups (protein and fat). Doing a lot of guessing here. I think I went into Ketosis early (on my fourth day). MG was I wired, walking fast, mind was sooo clear. Didn’t sleep as well as usual, but I feel great. I have MCT oil but didn’t use it, I will next time, I want to do this every month. This has also helped me to realize I was not eating right, I am so much more concious of eating habits. And, of course I want to tighten this fasting down more, less guessing.

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