We just bought a van and it has another eagle on it (not kidding)

We just bought a van and it has another eagle on it (not kidding)

Nearly two years ago (wow) at the start of our 11-month journey around the world, Jenna and I spent a month zipping around New Zealand in a campervan spray-painted with the gaudiest American eagle you’ve ever seen. While the van itself was wonderful, the eagle (and angry lady liberty on the flip side) were not exactly typical of our taste.

There she is – our van in NZ. Didn’t think we’d ever have an eagle on our vehicle again…

So when our month with this, er, unique vehicle was up we readily handed it in. Never again would we be behind the wheel of an in-your-face America van again. Or so we thought.

Fast forward to this past Thursday. Over the past six months Jenna and I had been nonchalantly perusing online for a used Dodge Sprinter van in hopes of converting it into a campervan and trekking around the US in similar fashion to our NZ tour. Our search wasn’t a serious one and the only van we attempted to test-drive was snapped up off the market the same day.

Time passed, and if our move to Denver didn’t push this idea to the very back of our minds, signing a 3-year lease on a brand new 2017 Subaru slammed the door shut.

But then on Thursday Jenna’s dad, John, texted her this fateful image:

The image was accompanied with the text, “My buddy is getting rid of his Sprinter, are you guys interested?”

Long story short, the deal was too good to pass up and we are now serendipitously in possession of a SECOND van emblazoned with a giant American eagle. Check it out:

John kicking the tires…and doors.

That’s right – I can (almost) stand up all the way in this bad boy!

Now we obviously have some serious work to do on this bad boy if we’re going to get it looking like The Vanual or Sprinter Life‘s vehicles, but it’s a great start. TBD whether or not we’re keeping the eagle.

QUICK UPDATE: While I was at work, Jenna (who had the day off) completed Phase 1 of the conversion by removing all the shelving inside the van. Most of it weighed more than her. Props!


Already starting to look like a home.


Posted by on December 30, 2016


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