Warrnambool: Beautiful Coasts and Admirable Hosts

Warrnambool: Beautiful Coasts and Admirable Hosts

We admit to having very few details planned out for our Australia adventure. It’s easy enough to get around via domestic flights, train, buses and rental cars.

But we would never have imagined ourselves visiting Warrnambool during our Aussie stay.

We had no idea a place called Warrnambool even existed. That, of course, was before meeting our Warrnambool -born Airbnb host, Jennah.

We had to look it up on Google to understand what everyone was saying… and it took even longer to figure out how to spell it!

But alas, after our delightful Airbnb stay in Melbourne, we were on our way to Jennah’s parent’s house in Warrnambool; a quaint beach town southwest of Melbourne city.

If a few things seem confusing in that statement, for instance, that we were off to stay at our Airbnb host’s parent’s house, please click here to catch up.

To sum it up, our Airbnb hosts were so generous that they invited us to their childhood home AND family holiday house for the next four days. We couldn’t imagine anyone being more welcoming and generous than Jennah herself until we met her parents, Bernie and Kath (stay tuned).

They opened their house to us even when they weren’t there.

Such amazing people!

Chris and I took a train from Melbourne to Warrnambool on Friday morning while the gang (Jennah, Freddie, Ollie and Chloe) was at work. We spent most of the first day on our own in Warrnambool exploring the town.

In just a couple of hours we toured the town, enjoyed beautiful walks along the coast and tested our spatial abilities in a human maze. We treated ourselves to a lovely steak dinner (Sunday dinner style) as well.

We felt right at home, which was encouraged by everyone.


Our arrival in another empty (yet welcoming) Aussie home




Warrnambool coastline


Beautiful views along the coast


My favorite tree in Australia


Chris won, height was a clear advantage


Cooking in Warrnambool (click to enlarge)


A delicious meal to end the day; steak, potatoes, asparagus and wine


The gang reunited the next day and we made our way to the holiday house in Port Fairy, about twenty minutes west of Warrnambool.

It’s another beach town but a bit more bustling.

This is where we would officially meet the admirable Kathy

and Bernie… The Legend.





As previously mentioned, we were among pretty fabulous people. By the time we left Victoria, we felt like part of the family.

Bernie and Kath took care of us like two of their own. They were kind enough to show us their favorite beach spots and every night we had an epic Aussie BBQ (which basically means you grill as many meats as possible and feast!)



Body boarding after his surfing attempts


I caught a shark! (I picked up a dead shark)


The gang at Bernie’s favorite morning beach spot


Bernie teaching us some wisdom


Official Aussie BBQ


Holy Meat!


Surprise dinner guest, Mr. Emu


Chris’ plus one


It’s extremely hard to be away from our family while we’re traveling, but meeting families like this makes us feel at home.

I can’t imagine our adventures without their hospitality.




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