The Secret of San Diego’s Awesomeness

The Secret of San Diego’s Awesomeness

In my experience, when I discuss a city with someone there are typically positives and negatives aspects that arise.

New York has so much to do but it’s too crowded.

San Francisco has such great cuisine but it’s just too expensive.

Rome has gorgeous sights but it’s kind of dirty.

Barcelona is amazing but there’s a ton of pickpockets.

You get the gist.

San Diego is an exception to that rule.

I have quite literally never heard anyone say anything bad about the place. And whatever compliment they bestow is usually prefaced by a longing sigh from their desire to teleport there at that very moment.

So naturally we thought choosing it as the kicking off point for our trip would get the venture off to a stellar start.

And we were right.

But it wasn’t so much due to the city (even though it is truly an magical place) as it was the people in the city. And this post is for them; those wonderful people who made our stay in San Diego as amazing as it was.

First it was Brittany – Jenna’s friend from Clemson – her boyfriend Matt and their studly dog Gunner. They snagged us from the airport and we so unbelievably hospitable for the first 3 days of our stay. We had our own room, used their car to drive around, cooked dinner together, watched the Ravens game and most notably introduced me to the phenomenon that is Crybaby.

Hachetface is still haunting my dreams.

Matt and I developed what some may call a bromance very quickly; Brittany even suggested that he was showing off for me! Well it worked Matt. You’re awesome.

So a huge thank you to those two and of course the boss of the house, Gunner who is one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever encountered (and apparently taught Jenna’s Bubba all he knows).

So how do we match such a great first half of the stay? The obvious answer is to meet up with my old roommate Andy and his wonderful fiancé Melissa. We moved over to their townhome and were immediately spoiled again. We had our own room again, Andy and Melissa drove us all over the place (even took us on a tour of every CVS in San Diego when Jenna got sick one day), Melissa cooked us several amazing meals, took us out to a fabulous Pho restaurant and had hours upon hours of deep convos on the couch in between documentaries almost every night.

I hadn’t been able to spend any sort of long period with Andy since he ditched the East Coast about 4 years ago so it was awesome to catch back up.

He kept insisting that we make it a permanent move to SD once we’re back. That doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea…

But don’t tell mom!

So again to Brittany, Matt, Andy and Melissa – THANK YOU! You’ve shown what it is to be a truly stellar host and we hope we can return the favor at some point…

…unless we move to San Diego. Then we’ll just make you dinner 🙂


Posted by on January 15, 2015


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