Kuala Lumpur & Batu Caves – This Post Is Mostly About Thieving Monkeys…And Queso Dip

Kuala Lumpur & Batu Caves – This Post Is Mostly About Thieving Monkeys…And Queso Dip

After our wonderful stay in Indonesia we hopped on one of Air Asia’s delightfully cheap flights destined for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s shiny, ultra-modern (oil funded) capital city.

We spent a couple days in KL wandering around its glitzy shopping malls and pristinely manicured parks. One afternoon our bus was accosted by a man who appeared to be the Muslim equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church – his ranting was in Malay but based on the fact that the guy next to me almost punched him we figured he probably wasn’t spreading good cheer.


KL’s Petronas Towers (see what oil money can build?)


Jenna going on a run in one of KL’s beautiful parks


Group of girls pray before lunch.

One morning we took a trip up to Batu Caves, a Hindu shrine built into a massive cave several kilometers north of downtown.

The cave itself is impressive but to our disappointment the upkeep of the entire area was almost non-existent – stinking trash was everywhere thanks to the full restaurant which had been installed next to the Hindu shrine, what I assumed was supposed to be a holy place.


Poor attempt at copying the pose.


Vertical pano of the caves – they are impressive.

The plus side of this were the beneficiaries of the trash – wild monkeys. These little guys had apparently become quite accustomed to humans and would not only walk right up to you but try to steal anything you didn’t have a full grasp on.

Cameras, sunglasses, bags and food – mostly food – were their targets. I caught a couple below in the act of delighting in their booty:


Striking a pose.


Guilty eyes.


My favorite photo of the trip.


Jenna nervously posing with one of the thieves!

We had witnessed the monkey in the third photo nick that entire can of Mr. Potato chips from an unsuspecting gentleman and before the man even realized what was going on, the thief was halfway up a light post where he would proceed in devouring the entire can in a matter of seconds.

They weren’t exactly friendly and would (literally) throw a punch if you got within their personal space – despite this Jenna struck a pose with one of the little terrors.

So despite a disappointing experience of the cave itself, the monkeys provided more than enough entertainment to make the trip worth the cost. Which was $2.

That night back in town we decided to take full advantage of our modern surroundings to celebrate the halfway point in our trip (5 months!) – this obviously meant we ate at Chili’s.

Yes that’s right, the same Chili’s that makes the collective tastebuds of suburban American drip. Where you can drown yourself in queso dip and Texas cheese fries and sip on fruity margaritas fit only for the lamest of post-work happy hours.

We had no shame and were damn proud of it.

Without much else attracting our attention in the city, we spent the better part of 4 hours devouring a wide array of disgustingly amazing Chili’s favorites. It was an amazing detour from the Asian cuisine which while frequently delicious, requires the occasional hiatus to avoid rice overload.


Cheese fries!!


Fajitas! Ugh I’m hungry again while writing this.


Happy boy.

Overall we certainly enjoyed ourselves in KL but had grown thirsty for some discomfort after such a comfortable stay. We only to had to go about 200km to the north to find it.

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