Making Furry Friends Abroad

Making Furry Friends Abroad

In Australia, there’s an unwritten rule which states that, “anyone who visits shall not leave the country without holding a koala”.

Seems fair enough-

And so (spoiler alert) we had to abide by these unwritten laws of the land.


(How damn cute is that koala?!)

Chris and I were extremely lucky to have seen Australian wildlife in its natural habitat in Tower Hill. There is a certain awe that comes with seeing any animal in the wild. But there is a similar level excitement that comes with being able to interact directly with the animals, which can only be achieved in a wildlife sanctuary.

While Chris and I have promised to stay away from animal enterprises along the trip (mostly elephant riding in Asia) due to animal brutality, we found that Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary upholds respectful ideals towards their animals. Currumbin works to promote awareness for Australian wildlife and features only animals that have been born and raised in captivity. The workers are volunteers and the land consists of open spaces for most of the animals to roam more freely.

Also, believe it or not, Australia has strict animal labor laws. I kid you not, the kangaroos have designated areas they can go when they are tired of humans and each koala can only work for 30 minutes at a time, followed by six days off.

Imagine working for 30 minutes every six days- what a life!

Not only were we able to hold a koala (they are so damn cute!), we were able to feed and interact with two different types of kangaroos as well. We also saw crocodiles, emus, birds, echidnas, and cassowaries.

If you have never seen a cassowary, please take a moment to Google it now.

It was such an exciting experience and definitely completed our quest for Australian wildlife. If you have a bucket list, I advise adding “hold a koala” to it, because its epic.










One more time, just in case you forgot how cute the koala was…


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