Firefly- Why Can’t Life Always Be Like This??

Firefly- Why Can’t Life Always Be Like This??

In the planning process of our “round the world” trip, there was one main question that we kept coming back to; what about Firefly?

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Firefly Music Festival is held each summer in the fields near Dover, DE, hosting over a hundred thousand attendees who enjoy hundreds of musical acts over a (magical) 4-day weekend.  We have attended the past two years and had such mind-blowingly amazing experiences that we now speak of the weekend with a reverence usually reserved for some sort of deity.

So you can imagine our devastation when we realized our 10-month trip was going to have us on the other side of the world during this legendary weekend.

In our initial panic at this realization, we discussed plans to cut our trip short to make it home in time for the June 17th festivities, but we had to remind ourselves (almost weekly) that it’s just one year, there will always be more…as brutally painful as that was.

So why is Firefly so special to us?

Like many other music festivals, it’s not just about the music – in fact, we’d argue that the music is just a plus. Firefly is four days of stress-free bliss with the most amazing group of people in the world.

Our “Firefly Group” is made up of about 15 beautiful people, most of whom strangely enough we only see on Firefly weekend, but who hold a special place in our hearts because of it. Some of our favorite times have been getting lost in the festival with someone you weren’t close with before only to become nearly inseparable by the end of the day.

You spend every waking and sleeping hour together either within the festival’s sprawling grounds enjoying world-class shows or jammed together in a crowded campsite cooking hot dogs (the Firefly food pyramid consists mainly of hot dogs – perhaps the occasional carrot if one can be scrounged) and sipping on beer or whatever concoction the bartender of the moment has decided to whip up.

Each morning you wake up in a daze, caked in sweat and dirt, jammed between 5 of your best friends in a hot tent and spend the next few hours sharing the previous day’s debauchery before gearing up to head back into the grounds for that day’s shows.  At the end of the (long, hot) day, you return to the campsite (well let’s be honest, there’s a mid-day nap thrown in there somewhere before that) to catch up on any highlights from the day you happened to have missed.

Get up the next day and do it again…four times in a row!

It’s a schedule that leaves you exhausted and disgusting but it’s one that we would trade almost anything (except a trip around the world…) to partake in again this year.

Here’s a bunch of pictures from last year’s festival (keep in mind that face paint is a must!)…













Over the years the festival has hosted some of the biggest names, including Foo Fighters and Tom Petty, and has been the springboard to many successful smaller bands, such as Chvches, Twenty One Pilots and Robert DELONG(!). Each year when the daily schedule is released, there are always a few conflicts that break your heart but in the end, the few acts you miss are quickly forgotten by the dozen that blew your mind.

It’s the type of event that you buy tickets for the following year the day after the previous year comes to a close. Attendees, including ourselves, suffer from depression as soon as we start packing up to return to the real world on Monday, wondering why can’t life always be like this??

So now you understand why it hurts so much to miss it this year.

But instead of dwelling on us not being there this year, we’d rather be happy for those that will be – so this post is dedicated to them, our Firefly crew.  We know you’re going to add a third amazing chapter in the epoch that is Firefly and we cannot wait to hear about it.

Say hi to Paul McCartney for us and don’t forget – we’ll meet you in the back left.

Love, Jenna & Chris

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