Moving On from Asia – with a Brief Pitstop

Moving On from Asia – with a Brief Pitstop

After spending nearly 5 months in Asia both Jenna and I felt the time was right to move on. It’s truly a wondrous place but one that can tire you out in a hurry – which is why our next stop sounded all the more appealing.


Ah yes, Europe.

Different enough to stretch your horizons but not so different that toilets aren’t just a hole in the ground (I’m lookin’ at you Asia).

But before our arrival we made a pitstop in the Middle East to visit my good friend Evan…for 4 hours. He was good enough to wake up super early, give us a whirlwind tour of Doha and have us back to the airport before our connecting flight took off!


Evan and I in Doha

The city itself is impressive as was the university area in which Evan and his finance work – ultra-modern buildings, a really cool reconstruction of an ancient market area and endless construction. The country is booming.


Rebuilt market area


Bunch of cool restaurants and shops


Jenna and Evan with the Doha skyline towering in the distance

But during our tour there was one thing that could not be ignored; the heat.

Evan picked us up at 6:30AM from the airport and it was 95 degrees Fahrenheit with about 90% humidity. I don’t know how high it gets during the middle of the day, but does it matter? That’s stupidly hot and being outside for more than 3 minutes is absolutely unbearable.

I thought I had been in a desert before that but no sir. This was the real deal.

But despite the heat it was wonderful catching up with them for a few hours. They’re getting married this coming July in Minnesota which, even if the most ridiculous heat wave in the history of Minnesota hits, will prove refreshing compared to what they’re used to.

Once back at the airport we hopped on our flight and continued towards the next stop; Greece.

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