Cape Reinga – New Zealand’s Northern Tip…and Some Really Stupid GoPro Photos

Cape Reinga – New Zealand’s Northern Tip…and Some Really Stupid GoPro Photos

Of the many must-see’s in New Zealand, we heard again and again that the collision of the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea at Cape Reinga, the northernmost point of the country, was not to be missed – so after our first (wonderful) night’s sleep in good ‘ol Liberty we made like Floridians in the summertime and headed north.

On the drive we took a pitstop at the Bay of Islands and hiked for a couple of hours to a nice overlook of the area – took a couple snaps and then got back on the road. We had heard such great things about the area (Cape Brett is there for crying out loud!) but unfortunately it became the first of many casualties of having limited time in New Zealand – we basically have the entire next trip planned based on everything we missed!

The drive continued up through the northlands with it’s rolling green hills and occasional (and often sudden) ocean views – can’t say we ever got tired of them.

They must have entranced us there for bit as we found ourselves nearing empty on the gas tank with not much civilization in sight. We thought we were saved when we found a petrol station about 75km down the road, but to our disappointment it was an automatic pump station and only accepted a specific type of credit card…which we did not have.

We also were informed that this was the last gas station on the cape.


Ranger to the rescue! A park ranger overheard our predicament and offered to put the charge on her card if we paid her cash. Kiwis are so great.

So we were saved and continued on our way (ironically to the park ranger’s campsite), stayed the night again by the ocean where we took the GoPro for a spin in the water…







Yea things got weird at the end. That’s what happens when you try to take underwater selfies going against a strong current…

Seriously. We were attempting to look good in those photos.

Moving on! The next morning we got up early, scarfed our PB and toast (not toast, just bread…toast just sounds better), headed back up the 4km of gravel road out of the campsite and were to the official “Cape” in just a few minutes.

The hype was worth it…




Steep oceanside cliffs diving downward into the Tasman Sea backed in the distance by massive sand dunes created an absolutely spectacular scene.

The ocean shot below is where the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea literally collide. There are ferocious waves crashing constantly several hundred meters off shore – a strange and fascinating sight.


Time to head south.

Posted by on January 18, 2015