What is 19,000 Days?

19,000 Days is a reminder to make every day count.

AboutSeveral years ago we (Jenna and Chris) began sharing ideas about the lives we were living compared to the lives we wanted to live.  We found it incredibly unsettling how much time we spent doing activities that did not work towards our life goals – and that there was no urgency to do anything about it.

We felt we were getting lured into a comfortable existence of office work, unchallenging day-to-day endeavors and a lack of opportunity to meet new people. We knew we had to motivate ourselves to do something different.  But how?

This is where the concept of 19,000 Days comes from; it’s the amount of time until our bodies would no longer allow us to pursue our goals.

In other words, it’s the number of days left until we die.

Some have called the concept morbid or depressing but it should be just the opposite – it should be the most invigorating perspective you ever get.

Putting a deadline on anything creates urgency and that’s exactly what we’re doing here; creating urgency in our lives. Urgency to live lives that we are proud of.  Lives that we’ll look back on and smile.

So in that spirit, Jenna and I decided to quit our jobs and travel the world for almost the entirety of 2015.  Our trip began in New Zealand and took us through 19 countries over 11 months. We dove on the Great Barrier Reef, meditated in Thailand, taught English in Hanoi, harvested grapes in Italy and were forever changed by the kindness we experienced all over the globe.

Since returning, we’ve changed our mailing address to Denver, CO and are creating a new life for ourselves in the Rockies. Here we’ve begun documenting many different parts of our lives, from diet to meditation to books to travel hacking; really anything that makes our lives better. 

Our hope is that it will inspire others to think about how they can improve their own lives.

To making them count,
Chris & Jenna